mbwin Application


The FAO-GIZ MicroBanking System for Windows (MBWin) is banking software designed and developed for a wide range of banks and financial intermediaries. Because of its multi-tier architecture, the system is highly scaleable and can, therefore, cater to a wide range of users and be adapted to a variety of hardware configurations. It is modular in terms of applications and functionality.

MBWin offers a classic user-friendly menu structure as well as a set of speed buttons for quick access to the most common functions.

Server Solution

Performance, power, and versatility to meet any challenge

Planning a scalable server and storage solution for applications like ERP, CRM, E-commerce, messaging and other business vertical application is a key to success of these applications. The servers are a carefully crafted collection of servers that are organized by role and have consolidated storage designed to expand as demand increases.

We help customers select from a wide range of servers and storage solution available from SUN, IBM and HP based on different platform, form factors, scalability, applications, workloads, etc.


Collaboration, Efficiency, Accessibility

We provide reliable networking solutions with efficient and effective services which supports the business. The unified networking solutions provide the network administrator to use an appropriate solution depending upon the network device. This approach gives the flexibility to the network administrator to remove, change or migrate different types of networks and security functions among the different network devices to fulfill the business needs.

On implementation, we simplifies a complex network by using a unified networking approach, this unified approach will be applicable for all sorts of network applications like data networking, security networking, infrastructure and management network.

IT Support

Everything you need to accomplish your mission

Our skilled IT technicians who are here to help support your business. And our dedicated technicians are using the latest systems to help monitor and maintain your IT network.

We offer full It support services company and meets the standards you require for the smooth operation of your business. We strive to stay updated with the latest tools and technologies separating ourselves from other local IT support companies.


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